Women: You are Not Oppressed4 minute read

Women: You are Not Oppressed<span class="wtr-time-wrap block after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">4</span> minute read</span>

Today is #ADayWithoutWomen. And as I sit back and see this going on, I have to think to myself, “What are they protesting?”. What has happened that has women so angry at the nation as a whole. I honestly can’t come to a logical conclusion. They say they are fighting for women’s rights, but what right do they not have that everyone else has? They say they are fighting oppression, but where are they oppressed? It is certainly not in this country. They say they are fighting for better wages in the workplace, but who isn’t paying them fairly? This video breaks apart that myth. They are saying they are protesting to protect reproductive rights, but what rights don’t they have?

Here in America, women are more free to express, women are more free to speak, women are more free to work whatever field they wish and they are more free to go where ever they please more than any other country in the world. They have the same exact freedoms as every other person in America and have the abundance of opportunity that America offers at their disposal. What I see in the #daywithoutawoman protest is a bunch of complainers that want to blame their shortcomings on a man. That’s it. That’s all this is about. It seems this is more about emasculating men rather than fighting for women.

As you saw in the video above, there is no wage gap. If you don’t feel you are making the money you deserve, either put I the work and hours necessary to climb up that next rung of the ladder or find a different company to work for. Nobody is oppressing you and holding you back from success. Only you can control your success.

Healthcare is another hot topic in the movement. What has happened that has put your healthcare at risk? Nothing. The only thing I see is planned parenthood might be defunded because of abortions. So what. Planned Parenthood is not the only clinic in the country. Go find another. Abortion is a whole other issue but as far as mammograms and other checkups women need, there are plenty of private clinics to choose from. And they most likely do a better job than planned parenthood. Birth control is also yours and your partner’s responsibility. It isn’t the responsibility of the government or your employer to provide it for you. Your body, your responsibility. Don’t force other people to pay for it just because you don’t want to spend a few dollars every month.

There is nothing you are fighting for that you don’t already have. What you want is to be in control. You don’t want equality. You already have that. You want power. There is true oppression in other parts of the world. Like the middle east. Why don’t you focus your powers there and help the women there? The women who are in true oppression.

I don’t want to get off on a rant. This topic just upsets me because there doesn’t seem to be any logic behind this march. I see women blindly following the loudest feminist. They don’t think through the reasons they are out there, and if they do, they are thinking in a way that panders to the lies they have been fed. Now I am all for women’s rights and equality. I value the importance of women more than anything because I know how important they are. They make up half of the world and without them, there would be no society.

As a man, I hold my wife to the highest standard and appreciate the woman she is and the hard work she puts into raising our children. She is a stay at home mom by choice and loves to teach our kids. But a modern feminist would look at her today and tell her that I am oppressing her and that I have brainwashed her into this position. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They want to tell women how to think and not let them think for themselves.

Now, why are we in this situation as a nation? Well, men, it is your fault. Too many men see women as a pawn in their life and use them for one thing. We know what that one thing is. A woman needs to feel appreciated and protected. they need love and security. That is where you have failed men. My wife is seen as a venerated partner and is cherished beyond understanding. She is not merely a slave or a piece of furniture at my disposal. She is the person that completed the missing parts of my life. These women are protesting today because you as a man have failed them and have not held them too that high regard.

The bible shows that women are on equal grounds as men and that women are here to complete men.  I want to take this up in another article that points out the importance of women in this world.