Rebuttal Blog Post To the Christian Idolitors9 minute read

Rebuttal Blog Post To the Christian Idolitors<span class="wtr-time-wrap block after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">9</span> minute read</span>

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Christianity is hated by many. It can be either by those that don’t understand it or by those who don’t want God to be in charge of their lives. Most just don’t agree with it. Either way, I felt I needed to respond to this article. I don’t do it out of hate or anger, but for discussion. It is not my goal to be right. But when I see the bible being distorted and taken out of context, I feel I have to defend it.

“You worship a symbol that has fifty stars and thirteen stripes…”

We honor our homeland and strive to be the best. We don’t aspire to be complacent or settle with mediocrity. As the other nations of the world respect their flag and culture, as do we. Most, if not all nations fly their flag proud. You look at a Mexican, a Puerto Rican, an Italian, a Jamaican or a Canadian flying their flag or wearing their colors, you think, “They are Proud of their heritage and their country. Good for them”. You see an American do the same and you think, “That uneducated gun toting, bible thumper. If only they knew the truth”. You are a tolerant liberal, until someone disagrees.

“You worship your fear, which has become bigger than your God…”

Nothing is bigger than my God. Especially not fear. You distort facts and the bible to make yourself sound holier-than-thou. You pretend to know the Christian faith and words of the bible. Your cherry-picked passages out of context don’t fool the Christian into submission. Christians are not instructed to stand by and watch the world around them go to “hell”. We are to stop the evil and promote the good. If evil is being done, we must stand and try to stop it. Your tolerant to a religion that is literally known for their beheading and raping. Yet you hate, not just Christians, anybody that questions whether we should let that ideology into our country. I fully agree that the 5 year-old boy shouldn’t have been stopped and linking to that story was irrelevant. That had ZERO to do with Christianity. So your argument falls apart. You are an accepting liberal, until someone disagrees.

“You worship your own comfort. You believe you are being persecuted by secular people…”

You feel comfort in this nation and entitled to its riches. Your very comfort blinds you from the rest of the world. Do you not see the headlines when they read, “90,000 Christians Killed for their Faith in 2016”? Making it the most persecuted religion on the planet. But let us praise Jesus because that number is down from 105,000 in 2015. I hope you picked up on the sarcasm. American Christians are not “persecuted” to that extent by any means, or even to the extent of what a lot a Christians here would like to believe. I’ll give you that. But open your eyes to the steps that are being taken to ensure Christianity has no voice. No prayer in schools, unless you’re a Muslim. Because we must respect their beliefs. No refusing to hold the wedding ceremony of a gay couple or you will be penalized. If you are a nurse you might get fired for refusing to help perform elective abortions. No praying at a graduation ceremony or you will face “incarceration”. Employers are forced by law, the HHS mandate, to provide abortion-causing drugs through our health care plans, even if they object on religious or moral grounds. You force your beliefs on the world through hate. Find a longer list here. The reality is, we are pandering to a religion that wants us all dead, Christian or not. If you do not accept Allah, you are an infidel and infidels eventually die. Most likely through beheading. That doesn’t include all Muslims. Of Course, I know this. Especially western Muslims. But the western ones are not the ones we are worried about. It is the ones that chant “Death to America” in the streets of Iran. That ideology should not be welcome. Does the comfort you feel in your world blind you from these realities? You are an open-minded liberal, until someone disagrees.

“You worship men. In the King’s Court, Mordecai refused to bow to the evil Haman, because Mordecai was a man of the Lord and his heart recognized when evil was residing next to the highest position in the land…”

We do not worship man. That is the very reason Mordecai did not bow. His Jewish culture bowed in worship, not in respect. Mordecai refused to show worship to a man. If the king demanded all the Jews be killed because one man did not bow. He was not looking for respect, he was looking for worship. And if I see a man, a king or a president ask for worship, I will not bow. You accept every word that comes out of the mouth of a Bill Nye, a Bill Maher or an Obama, simply because that is who you worship. You are an educated liberal. I am going to have to disagree.

“You worship your Christian label. Did the Lord not send his son down to earth, who spent his days among prostitutes and sinners, who rejected the “religious” figures…”

The “Christian label” you speak of is thrown around more today out of convenience. Most don’t know what they believe. They just know what their parents believed or the people around them and they follow along because that it what is comfortable. That goes for all beliefs. From Christian to Atheist. But let’s get to the point. Yes. God did send his son down to die for our sins. Christ is our example. We should mirror his life as much as possible. Jesus was not a hippie push over. He was always in control of the situation. The references you mention are a bit distorted. He spent time among the sinners and the prostitutes because he was setting the example. He went to the ones that needed hope and direction in their life. He didn’t shun them and he didn’t yell and protest the women at the well. That is a lesson for Christians and non-Christians alike. Go to those in need and show them the way to righteousness. That is also why Jesus got the angriest with the “religious” ones. They used their religious positions to syphon money and honor out of the innocent. Much like a lot of TV preachers and/or Atheist mouthpieces today. They were full of hypocrisy and saw themselves above the average person. They prayed in public and made it theatrical to look better than their counterparts. There are many other examples but the main reason Jesus got angry was because they were leading the people on a path to eternal destruction. They were deceitful and manipulative to better their own lives. These were NOT Christians or like Christ, these were Pharisees. You believe in religious freedom. Until it is a Christian. You hate discrimination. Until it is a Christian. You feel the need to paint with a broad brush all who claim to be Christians, yet you defend other religions with every cell of your body if we dare say “all [insert religon]. You force people to participate in something they don’t believe in. We don’t hate them, we just don’t want to be a part of it. This is a free country. Go to a different Bakery down the street. You are a non-discriminatory liberal, until it is a Christian.

“You worship your self-righteousness, so that you might damn gay people for marrying but ignore verses on divorce…”

Marriage is a Christian institution. Marriage symbolizes the relationship between Christ and the church. And before Christ, God said to Adam, “It is not suitable for man to be alone…” so God created Eve. He then gave them eternal marriage. If most gays don’t agree with Christianity, why would they want to adopt its most sacred institution? Can you not create an institution that you can be proud of? Divorce should not be ignored. Divorce should never be an option for a Christian. And it should not be taken lightly. It is a sin. Just like homosexuality. But all sins can be forgiven with the acceptance of Christ. We are against the murder of a human life and that is what abortion is. We strive to feed the hungry and house the poor. Do you not know what ministry is? Do you not know what missions and charities are? That is what we do. You might not see it on CNN, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It exists worldwide with the exchange of billions of dollars. That makes us the most charitable religion on the planet. You’re are a self-righteous liberal, I bet you don’t agree.

“You worship pride. In the face of proof, in the eyes of dying children, of families in distress..”

Pride? There is no pride. At least in this Christian and many around him. Do you not see where this hatred comes from? It is not from the Christian. It is from those who disagree with others and feel violence is the only way to settle the disagreement. We might disagree on a solution, but we do not hate. There is a difference in showing kindness and doing the right thing. You might think it is kind to give 100,000 refugees money and housing. That doesn’t make it the right answer. Economics and logic and safety must come into play at some point. I hate no one. And because you say I do, doesn’t make it truth. Does the burning of random businesses and cars not count as hatred to you? Do these violent protesters who chant “F*#& White People” and sucker-punch innocent bystanders not count as hatred to you? Do death threats because of a vote not count as hatred to you? I bet it doesn’t. Not baking a cake. That is hatred to you. Not wanting to kill a baby. That is hatred to you. Wanting to put America first so the homeless and poverty stricken in our own homeland can be taken care of first. That is hatred to you. You are a loving liberal, until someone disagrees.

Isaiah 5:20 “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”