Are You Willing to Lose your Head for Christ?4 minute read

Are You Willing to Lose your Head for Christ?<span class="wtr-time-wrap block after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">4</span> minute read</span>

Persecuted Christians are a hot topic for liberals these days. They argue that Christians don’t see persecution and that we just want to whine about baking a cake. While I agree we don’t see it here in America like other parts of the world, I can’t stand to see our rights slowly striped away. We are being forced to stay quiet while the world burns. Our country is heading in a bad place. How it treats Christians today will have a significant impact of tomorrow and I see the snowball effect starting.

The inspiration of this post came out of an article from titled “11 Christian Missionaries Crucified and Beheaded”. I found this article from Maris’ Blog. So Thank You Maris. This is an older article, from 2015, but it speaks volumes to what the world is seeing on a regular basis.

Before you continue, I hope you read the article. Or at least got an idea of what these brave souls had to go through. It breaks my heart to see stories like these. A death so brutal I can’t even bring myself to comprehend. And why? because they believed in Jesus and would not sway in that belief. That is the very definition of persecution. And it happens all the time, especially in that part of the world. See a more updated list of persecution stories from here.

I want to speak to Christians. When you read that story, do you feel that your faith could have carried you through such a time? Are you so in love with Christ that you would be willing to go through such persecution? I guess the point is, would you be willing to lose your head for Christ?

Years ago, when I first started hearing of beheading and how it was still relevant in today’s times I was shocked to say the least. How could a world so advanced still use such barbaric methods. And the truth is they don’t need to use that method, but they believe it is necessary to their religion. Once I realized that I went back to the main question. Am I willing to lose my head for Christ? I asked myself that question multiple times. Each time my answer was, “I don’t know”. Not pleased with the answer, I asked myself again. Hoping for a different answer, I honestly could not bring myself to say with 100% certainty that I would be willing to do so. That broke my heart and I bet if you are honest with yourself, you would probably say “i don’t know or even “no”.

I remembered the bible saying that Christians will be beheaded in the end times for proclaiming the name of Jesus. I remembered my preacher telling us that the end times are upon us. It could be any day that Christ returns. I read my bible and see all of the prophecies playing out before my eyes and I just ask myself, “How much are we going to see as Christians before Christ returns?”. I believe we are going to see a lot more than most comfortable Christians believe. They sit back thinking the rapture is imminent so they do nothing as they watch the world burn. Now I am not saying his return is imminent or far future, I just want Christians to realize every day is important and can’t let them go to waste.

To get back to the original question, Don’t feel bad if you said no. That is a step in the right direction. You are realizing probably for the first time that your spiritual walk could be better. I thought of Judas and how he walked with Jesus on a daily basis, saw the miracles first hand and even kissed the face of Christ. Judas still denied he knew him in the face of adversity, not just once, but THREE times. Christ knew it was going to happen. It was no surprise to him. But I am sure it still saddened Jesus when it happened.

I don’t want you to leave this thinking your head is in danger. The chances are still slim of that happening to you here in America. But we find the true heart of a person under adversity and I want to encourage Christians to ask themselves on a regular basis, daily if you have too,

“Would I deny my God or Christ in the face of adversity?” or “Am I willing to lose my head for Christ?”

Be honest with yourself. Get in the word and study Gods truth and that bravery will come.